Tuesday, July 27, 2010

POP! Goes my project :(

Let’s talk about art and humidity, more specifically the dynamics of putting paper mache on balloons during a heat wave in New York. I have had the pleasure of popping over 10 balloons this month and learned the ins and outs of cleaning up dried flour bits off Mac computer screens and nursing a very nervous cat back to sanity. As well, there is nothing like spending 2 hours on piñata orders to suddenly have to start from scratch at 2 AM.

With this said I figured I’d blog about proper ways to ensure your paper mache skills can stay afloat in the muggiest of times.

Tip 1: Put on the AC!
This will help draw out the humidity in your working space and get you a stellar product. Let your piñatas dry some prior to letting in the natural air as you’ll learn quickly what happens when the air in a balloon is met with unwanted change in temperature.

Tip 2: Cool water is llave!
Or key, you get the drift. When you prepare your paper mache mix make sure you are using cool water. The warm water on that think plastic balloon when your room temp is heightened only leads to unwanted results.

Tip 3: Thin it out baby!
Make your layers thin as you mache, this way you’ll have less drying time and less mess eventually.