Friday, October 9, 2009

Teaching the children... paper mache style!

Holy hell! September was one crazy month. I not only moved to a new apartment, but I also got a new job and taught my first workshop at my ever so favorite place, 826NYC. It sure was one hell of a month!

So with that said, lets get to the details on the first workshop at 826NYC. I spent my first year in New York being buried under a rock called work and emerged triumphant in the back of the Brooklyn Super Hero Supply Company teaching seven of the coolest Brooklyn kids ever the ins and outs of character development and writing.

Our three day course lent to some hilarious characters and some killer pinata's! There were two pigs (of different colors of course), a bear, a Sugar Monster, a poetic piece about a jelly fish that somehow inspired a Sponge Bob pinata, a Slime Monster and an interesting montage of a flea and a crowd of people.

It was a joy working with the short one's again... I think there will be more moments to come :)

We ended up with a pretty killer mess and a nice little chap book.

TA Chad assisting with final touches on the characters.

Let's talk Slime Monsters... so cool.

The kids sure do have talent! They'll be giving me a run for my money soon.

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