Friday, October 9, 2009

New York I love you, but your busting me up.

Busting me up in all the most amazing ways possible!! Let me sum up the past year of my life as a New Yorker for you. I would like to equate it to ease of energy + swiftness + non-hesitation + opportunity = extreme glee.  Much like the process of getting into the glory of a pinata, my life has been a process of swinging and missing for years... that is until I entered the zip codes of 11000whatevers.

Once here, it was a like a small pinktailed girl surprisingly braking open the pinata of a life finally worth living. And suddenly I was scrambling around catching all the goodies that came out.

Here is a little list of those goodies that fell out of my infant year in New York.
1. I accomplished the goal of being published by 30... and it paid!!!! Thank you BUST Magazine, you ladies are wonderful.

2. I had my first successful street sale on the corner of Adelphi and Lafayette in Brooklyn, and let me tell you... this neighborhood never ceases to amaze me.

3. Sarah Palin Pinata got me free drinks on election night and beyond.

4. I met Chloe Sevigny and she liked my sugar skull pinata.

5.  I was told by three Hispanic men on different occasions that it was strange I was white and made pinatas.
6.  I learned that holiday pinata's are really the best way to go for presents any time of the year.

7. I learned that sometimes the post office workers will make you laugh so hard you want to pee your pants as you are shipping a box that is 36 x 20 x 12 and weighs 4 pounds.
8. I got an office full of corporate co-workers to break open a pinata with a piece of desk trim.

9. I advanced a line of wedding and baby shower pinatas.

10. All I can say is the best is truly yet to come!!!! Stay tuned as I think things are just heating up!!!


  1. You are my favorite New Yorker! I'm so happy for you :)

  2. yay for all things new york! can't wait to be there in 16 days!!!!!! :)