Sunday, October 25, 2009

An abyss of fabulous creativity

Guess what... Pinatas are now worthy of being in a real live profitable gallery!!!!

I had the extreme pleasure in the month of October to be working with/for the ever so talented artists behind PERU ANA ANA PERU, street artist and videographer extraordinare.

On October 17th they had a very successful opening for their first solo show, "and then we jumped into the abyss of numbers: memories in absurdity from the bowels of PERU ANA ANA PERU" at the Brooklynite Gallery where they fused their creativity in a multimedia glory... and asked me to help three dimensionalize some of their designs.

Go check out the show in real life until November 14th, but for now... here's some of the fun and greatness that is their art.


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  2. Check out the reviews of the show too: