Sunday, September 20, 2009

You can still wear your Prom dress and whack a pinata

My co-worker recently forwarded me this tid bit. Seeing as I don't own a TV, I miss out on some of these lovely moments. If anyone out there sees things that I am missing in popular culture, forward them on and I'll post them and give you some credits.

Turns out that a few weeks ago, Renee Zellweger daunted a satin blue prom dress throw back to the Letterman show where they had a nice pinata moment. This pinata however was full of guacamole, something I would not suggest as a filler.

This was an obvious PR ploy to start a little buzz about the upcoming movie, My Own Love Song, and her East Hamptons Mexican restaurant, Blue Parrot.  The movie plot doesn't sound so appealing, however, my only hope is that with all this buzz around the Spanish culture we'll get some sweet pinata action soon.

Thanks Sari... and everyone should check out her great sites, A Design Affair and Bicycle Diaries.

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