Sunday, November 8, 2009

My masakistic halloween

Whats better than a human pinata? Maybe the little girl who beats me up as my side kick?

Making weddings unique one hit at a time

 As many of you know I have been doing wedding pinata's... well the most recent was a huge success. 

Check out the amazing photos here:

And rumor has it they may be featured on the The Knot. Stay tuned.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

An abyss of fabulous creativity

Guess what... Pinatas are now worthy of being in a real live profitable gallery!!!!

I had the extreme pleasure in the month of October to be working with/for the ever so talented artists behind PERU ANA ANA PERU, street artist and videographer extraordinare.

On October 17th they had a very successful opening for their first solo show, "and then we jumped into the abyss of numbers: memories in absurdity from the bowels of PERU ANA ANA PERU" at the Brooklynite Gallery where they fused their creativity in a multimedia glory... and asked me to help three dimensionalize some of their designs.

Go check out the show in real life until November 14th, but for now... here's some of the fun and greatness that is their art.

Friday, October 9, 2009

New York I love you, but your busting me up.

Busting me up in all the most amazing ways possible!! Let me sum up the past year of my life as a New Yorker for you. I would like to equate it to ease of energy + swiftness + non-hesitation + opportunity = extreme glee.  Much like the process of getting into the glory of a pinata, my life has been a process of swinging and missing for years... that is until I entered the zip codes of 11000whatevers.

Once here, it was a like a small pinktailed girl surprisingly braking open the pinata of a life finally worth living. And suddenly I was scrambling around catching all the goodies that came out.

Here is a little list of those goodies that fell out of my infant year in New York.
1. I accomplished the goal of being published by 30... and it paid!!!! Thank you BUST Magazine, you ladies are wonderful.

2. I had my first successful street sale on the corner of Adelphi and Lafayette in Brooklyn, and let me tell you... this neighborhood never ceases to amaze me.

3. Sarah Palin Pinata got me free drinks on election night and beyond.

4. I met Chloe Sevigny and she liked my sugar skull pinata.

5.  I was told by three Hispanic men on different occasions that it was strange I was white and made pinatas.
6.  I learned that holiday pinata's are really the best way to go for presents any time of the year.

7. I learned that sometimes the post office workers will make you laugh so hard you want to pee your pants as you are shipping a box that is 36 x 20 x 12 and weighs 4 pounds.
8. I got an office full of corporate co-workers to break open a pinata with a piece of desk trim.

9. I advanced a line of wedding and baby shower pinatas.

10. All I can say is the best is truly yet to come!!!! Stay tuned as I think things are just heating up!!!

Teaching the children... paper mache style!

Holy hell! September was one crazy month. I not only moved to a new apartment, but I also got a new job and taught my first workshop at my ever so favorite place, 826NYC. It sure was one hell of a month!

So with that said, lets get to the details on the first workshop at 826NYC. I spent my first year in New York being buried under a rock called work and emerged triumphant in the back of the Brooklyn Super Hero Supply Company teaching seven of the coolest Brooklyn kids ever the ins and outs of character development and writing.

Our three day course lent to some hilarious characters and some killer pinata's! There were two pigs (of different colors of course), a bear, a Sugar Monster, a poetic piece about a jelly fish that somehow inspired a Sponge Bob pinata, a Slime Monster and an interesting montage of a flea and a crowd of people.

It was a joy working with the short one's again... I think there will be more moments to come :)

We ended up with a pretty killer mess and a nice little chap book.

TA Chad assisting with final touches on the characters.

Let's talk Slime Monsters... so cool.

The kids sure do have talent! They'll be giving me a run for my money soon.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Giving a little smack to your XBox

The world of video games has just gotten a ton better!  Or, should I say it got alot better a while ago but I am just getting wind of it now.

According to my search on this lovely treat, Wikipedia has informed me that "Viva Pinata is a  life simulation game developed by Rare, for the Xbox 360 video game console. Although rumors of the title circulated among fans for some time, Viva Piñata was officially announced on March 15, 2006, and first released in November 2006. With a "general audiences" or "everyone" rating, the game provides bright, colorful visuals, intended to appeal to children and more casual gamers. The game received a positive reaction from game critics, despite its poor sales and pre-release advertising."

It gets better!  "The game features a wide variety of piñata types (60 in total), in most cases inspired by real-world animals. Some of the animals are "piñatavores", and must eat other piñatas in order to become residents or reproduce. ]When such piñatas are visiting the garden, they can and will devour garden residents in order to satisfy their own residency requirements. However, once piñatas are residents, they will not eat each other unless instructed to do by the player, although fights can break out between residents who do not share the predator-prey relationship."

Thing is, I am not so sure it's a good idea to have evil pinata eating pinata's out there.  Seems even more painful for them than us blindfoldedly hitting them.

But still, it keeps getting better. In promotion for this game it looks like the Mexico Six Flags assisted in a promotation even where they created their very own Worlds Largest Pinata.

But get this, there is a TV show too!! I am still searching for where I can view these episodes, but for the time being: 

You can still wear your Prom dress and whack a pinata

My co-worker recently forwarded me this tid bit. Seeing as I don't own a TV, I miss out on some of these lovely moments. If anyone out there sees things that I am missing in popular culture, forward them on and I'll post them and give you some credits.

Turns out that a few weeks ago, Renee Zellweger daunted a satin blue prom dress throw back to the Letterman show where they had a nice pinata moment. This pinata however was full of guacamole, something I would not suggest as a filler.

This was an obvious PR ploy to start a little buzz about the upcoming movie, My Own Love Song, and her East Hamptons Mexican restaurant, Blue Parrot.  The movie plot doesn't sound so appealing, however, my only hope is that with all this buzz around the Spanish culture we'll get some sweet pinata action soon.

Thanks Sari... and everyone should check out her great sites, A Design Affair and Bicycle Diaries.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Welcome, Bbienvenido, Bienvenida!!!

I am founder and owner of Llaves Designs where I try and get a little crafty now and then. I started about 2 years ago crafting pinata's for my friends and got suckered into make a go of it as a custom pinata designer. It's really just a way to get a good laugh out of folks when I introduce myself.

I'll be using this forum to keep the world up to date on all the lovely happenings of pinata's since like a party, life is not worth having without a pinata!